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* Please note that these rates are subject to change and may be adjusted without notice. Call for preferred rates on trades worth more than $5000 and preferred rates for wire transfer and cheque transactions.


CurrencyWe Sell to YouWe Buy From You
Euro Member Countries (EUR)1.566711.47803
Mexico (MXN)0.074280.06646
United Kingdom (GBP)1.806101.70337
United States (USD)1.355641.31156
CurrencyWe Sell to YouWe Buy From You
Argentina (ARS)0.037440.00814
Aruba (AWG)0.812120.66379
Australia (AUD)1.002190.90625
Bahamas (BSD)1.415880.93502
Bahrain (BHD)3.753873.26255
Bangladesh (BDT)0.019030.01269
Barbados (BBD)0.719300.62379
Belize (BZD)0.717840.60206
Bermuda (BMD)1.375811.06859
Bolivia (BOB)0.232110.15536
Brazil (BRL)0.381790.32473
Brunei Darussalam (BND)1.068210.92825
Bulgaria (BGN)0.847680.62215
Cayman Islands (KYD)1.746601.44215
Central African States (XAF)0.002780.00186
Chile (CLP)0.002150.00188
China (CNY)0.214830.18574
Colombia (COP)0.000480.00040
Costa Rica (CRC)0.002430.00204
Croatia (HRK)0.225540.17531
Cuba (CUC)1.496031.32131
Czech Republic (CZK)0.064600.05334
Denmark (DKK)0.213820.19782
Dominican Republic (DOP)0.028970.02394
East Caribbean (XCD)0.538720.45705
Egypt (EGP)0.084780.00000
Euro Member Countries (EUR)1.566711.47803
Fiji (FJD)0.684760.57021
French Polynesian (XPF)0.014050.01154
Gibraltar (GIP)1.829801.65420
Guatemala (GTQ)0.192430.16105
Guernsey (GGP)1.806101.70337
Honduras (HNL)0.058950.05060
Hong Kong (HKD)0.181960.16000
Hungary (HUF)0.005370.00453
Iceland (ISK)0.012840.00998
India (INR)0.021310.00000
Indonesia (IDR)0.000110.00008
Iraq (IQD)0.001340.00001
Isle of Man (IMP)1.806101.70337
Isreal (ILS)0.406600.33382
Jamaica (JMD)0.011860.00967
Japan (JPY)0.012410.01165
Jersey (JEP)2.256521.70337
Jordan (JOD)2.054101.69699
Kenya (KES)0.014710.01259
Korea (South) (KRW)0.001300.00107
Kuwait (KWD)4.756353.98564
Lebanon (LBP)0.001060.00071
Malaysia (MYR)0.379550.28818
Mauritius (MUR)0.044140.03519
Mexico (MXN)0.074280.06646
Morocco (MAD)0.160420.12555
Nepal (NPR)0.013350.00977
Netherlands Antilles (ANG)0.791750.67553
New Zealand (NZD)0.965100.86578
Nicaragua (NIO)0.044570.03202
Norway (NOK)0.166140.15190
Oman (OMR)3.744193.13982
Pakistan (PKR)0.011000.00855
Panama (PAB)1.335741.33574
Papua New Guinea (PGK)0.474870.29679
Paraguay (PYG)0.000240.00016
Peru (PEN)0.438490.37787
Philippines (PHP)0.028190.02297
Poland (PLN)0.387350.32871
Qatar (QAR)0.394740.33403
Romania (RON)0.342350.29755
Russia (RUB)0.023080.01888
Saudi Arabia (SAR)0.382580.33510
Seychelles (SCR)0.127080.06839
Singapore (SGD)1.069540.93090
South Africa (ZAR)0.102560.08572
Sri Lanka (LKR)0.009000.00600
Sweden (SEK)0.150870.13994
Switzerland (CHF)1.400211.29573
Taiwan New (TWD)0.047640.03817
Tanzania (TZS)0.000650.00051
Thailand (THB)0.046020.03839
Trinidad and Tobago (TTD)0.216360.00000
Tunisia (TND)0.483950.37739
Turkey (TRY)0.265770.22906
Ukraine (UAH)0.058890.04171
United Arab Emirates (AED)0.394180.33487
United Kingdom (GBP)1.806101.70337
United States (USD)1.355641.31156
Uruguay (UYU)0.046110.03408
Venezuela (VEF)0.000010.00000
Viet Nam (VND)0.000070.00005
Western African States (XOF)0.002780.00186