Save today’s rate for a future date! Does it always seem like the market is moving against you? The best rates are only available when you have no need to exchange?

Forward Contracts take all the guess work and gamble out of Forex (FX) trading. Forward Contracts gives you the ability to save the rate from TODAY’s market conditions for a future date—or within a time window in the future.

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The Benefits of a Forward Contract:

  • Security of trading funds when markets are in your favour
  • No risk of incurring loss due to currency devaluation
  • No need to purchase and sit on currency for months
  • Increased accuracy in initial quotes and forecasting

The Details of a Forward Contract:

  • A small deposit is required to secure the contract
  • Non-cash transactions only
  • Minimum $10,000 contract value
  • Maximum contract length of 12 months
  • Contracts are available for buying OR selling currency

 The team at Currency Converters offers competitive rates of exchange and unbeatable service. Use our Forward Contract service as a tool to stay risk-free and keep your cash flow positive!

Please contact us for more information—or to get a current quote.

We are happy to help both personal and commercial clients