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Current Foreign Exchange Rates 

Looking for the latest, up-to-date rates to buy or sell foreign currency in Canada? Our currency exchange rates calculator offers conversion rates for a wide range of currencies, including CDN, USD, Euros, Pounds, and more.

CurrencyWe Sell to YouWe Buy From You
Euro Member Countries (EUR)1.522501.43632
Mexico (MXN)0.063190.05654
United Kingdom (GBP)1.773371.67251
United States (USD)1.267181.22033
CurrencyWe Sell to YouWe Buy From You
Argentina (ARS)0.014990.00326
Aruba (AWG)0.755850.61779
Australia (AUD)0.985140.89083
Bahamas (BSD)1.317400.86998
Bahrain (BHD)3.493573.03631
Bangladesh (BDT)0.017600.01173
Barbados (BBD)0.669260.58040
Belize (BZD)0.666580.55907
Bermuda (BMD)1.280110.99426
Bolivia (BOB)0.215900.14451
Brazil (BRL)0.264630.22508
Brunei Darussalam (BND)0.997040.86641
Bulgaria (BGN)0.823820.60464
Cayman Islands (KYD)1.619781.33744
Central African States (XAF)0.002700.00180
Chile (CLP)0.001790.00156
China (CNY)0.207150.17910
Colombia (COP)0.000370.00031
Costa Rica (CRC)0.002190.00184
Croatia (HRK)0.216730.16846
Cuba (CUC)1.391970.00012
Czech Republic (CZK)0.063070.05207
Denmark (DKK)0.208510.19290
Dominican Republic (DOP)0.023940.01978
East Caribbean (XCD)0.501400.42538
Egypt (EGP)0.086840.00000
Euro Member Countries (EUR)1.522501.43632
Fiji (FJD)0.651870.54282
French Polynesian (XPF)0.013660.01121
Gibraltar (GIP)1.796651.62423
Guatemala (GTQ)0.178320.14924
Guernsey (GGP)1.773371.67251
Honduras (HNL)0.055800.04790
Hong Kong (HKD)0.171120.15047
Hungary (HUF)0.004630.00391
Iceland (ISK)0.011430.00888
India (INR)0.018400.00000
Indonesia (IDR)0.000100.00007
Iraq (IQD)0.001190.00001
Isle of Man (IMP)1.773371.67251
Isreal (ILS)0.416650.34207
Jamaica (JMD)0.009140.00745
Japan (JPY)0.011620.01091
Jersey (JEP)2.215641.67251
Jordan (JOD)1.910701.57852
Kenya (KES)0.012800.01095
Korea (South) (KRW)0.001210.00100
Kuwait (KWD)4.457253.73501
Lebanon (LBP)0.000980.00066
Malaysia (MYR)0.345330.26220
Mauritius (MUR)0.034220.02729
Mexico (MXN)0.063190.05654
Morocco (MAD)0.160350.12549
Nepal (NPR)0.011510.00842
Netherlands Antilles (ANG)0.752000.64161
New Zealand (NZD)0.907630.81423
Nicaragua (NIO)0.038990.02801
Norway (NOK)0.150740.13782
Oman (OMR)3.483492.92120
Pakistan (PKR)0.009080.00706
Panama (PAB)1.242831.24283
Papua New Guinea (PGK)0.423150.26447
Paraguay (PYG)0.000200.00014
Peru (PEN)0.342250.29493
Philippines (PHP)0.028170.02296
Poland (PLN)0.355540.30172
Qatar (QAR)0.367270.31078
Romania (RON)0.321100.27909
Russia (RUB)0.018710.01530
Saudi Arabia (SAR)0.355910.31173
Seychelles (SCR)0.105340.05669
Singapore (SGD)0.998290.86889
South Africa (ZAR)0.094910.07932
Sri Lanka (LKR)0.007480.00499
Sweden (SEK)0.149700.13885
Switzerland (CHF)1.403101.29841
Taiwan New (TWD)0.048910.03919
Tanzania (TZS)0.000610.00048
Thailand (THB)0.042940.03583
Trinidad and Tobago (TTD)0.200690.00000
Tunisia (TND)0.489670.38186
Turkey (TRY)0.154590.13324
Ukraine (UAH)0.054650.03871
United Arab Emirates (AED)0.366770.31159
United Kingdom (GBP)1.773371.67251
United States (USD)1.267181.22033
Uruguay (UYU)0.032640.02413
Viet Nam (VND)0.000070.00005
Western African States (XOF)0.002700.00180

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