Your Privacy Means Everything To Us

As a Money Service Business (MSB), Currency Converters is required to request and keep on file certain information pertaining to our clients and their transactions. Depending on the size and type of transaction, we require different amounts of identification. This practice is in accordance with the rules and regulations as outlined by FINTRAC—the Canadian agency that fights money laundering and terrorist financing. Full reporting requirements can be found on the FINTRAC website.

At a minimum, you will be requested to share your name and phone number with us. This information will give us the ability to contact you should the need arise. An example would be if an error is made on your transaction—if monies are owed to you, we would need a way to get in contact with you!

If requested for a piece of identification, the forms of ID that we accept include:

  • A valid Canadian or American driver’s licence
  • A current Canadian Passport
  • A current International Passport

Your privacy is very important to us. Although in many situations we are required to collect identification, please rest assured that no information will be sold or shared with third parties outside of our organization or used beyond the scope of this financial relationship—other than as necessary to fulfill your request. This information is collected for the sole purpose of your trade.

We value your privacy and wouldn’t do anything to compromise it. That’s our promise.

Thank you for your co-operation and for your business!