Currency Converters provides international wire transfers to organizations and individuals in every corner of the globe. Our wire transfers are great options for both business and personal needs.

International Wire Transfers

Business happens and money needs to move quickly.  Life happens and money needs to get to loved ones. We will make sure that it all happens at the best exchange rate and with the lowest possible fee.

  • Wire transfers: Send and receive money from around the world using our top rates. On average, wire transfers will take 1-3 days to reach anywhere in the United States or Canada and 2-5 days to reach locations in other parts of the world.

At Currency Converters, our team will work proactively to get you exchange rates that are guaranteed to be better than the banks’ rates and transfer fees that are lower than your bank’s fees.

For market-current quotes, please contact us with your query. 

Western Union – Emergency Money Transfer Service

Emergencies happen and money needs to move quickly. With thousands of agents worldwide, anyone can receive the funds that they need in minutes.

These quick and efficient transfers can be dispatched to individuals around the world, without a bank account.

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We are happy to help both personal and commercial clients