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Breaking the law always conjures up images of a bank robber, or a murderer or a drug dealer. While these crimes are frowned upon in all territories, there are some seemingly harmless actions that can get you in hot water while abroad. Here are just a few of our favourite odd crimes:

Don’t shoot in Cambodia

Cambodia has outlawed water guns! The possession and import of water guns is strictly prohibited. 

Wait before you urinate

Perhaps you too have heard the rumour that some backyard pool owners use a chemical in their pool that changes colour if you pee in their pool? This is taking peeing to a whole new level – Portugal has made it illegal to urinate in the ocean!

Plan for flats

Who wears heels while sightseeing anyway? Greece has made it illegal to wear stiletto heels at many of their ancient sites. 

Dieting birds

Anyone who has visited Piazza San Marco in Venice likely has a photo of themselves in the Piazza, surrounded by countless pigeons. In an effort to discourage pigeons from congregating in the Piazza, Venice has made it illegal to feed pigeons while in the square. Disobeying this law can lead to a $700 fine.

Safe cycling

Canadians are accustomed to paying attention to safe cycling. We enforce the use of helmets, turning signals, reflectors, and more. Mexico takes it one step further – it is illegal to lift your feet off of the pedals while cycling. 

No bubbles in Singapore

Going through customs in Singapore is going to involve more than just attention to liquids in your bag. In an attempt to keep their cities clean, Singapore has restricted chewing gum from their country! 

If it’s yellow, let it mellow

In an effort to control noise pollution, Switzerland has made it illegal to flush a toilet after 10pm. 

Jump at your own risk

Travelers often find something adventurous to do during their vacations. If you find yourself in Florida, think twice about skydiving as it is illegal for married women to skydive on Sundays. 

Should you find yourself behind some international bars, feel free to reach out! We would be happy to help with your bail payment.

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