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The recent introduction of roundabouts to Canadian roads has created a bit of a commotion.  If you’re planning on driving abroad, there are many driving irregularities that you’re going to want to be aware of.


We’re all familiar with the fact that Brits drive on the left hand side of the road – but they’re not alone! One third of the countries in the world drive on the left. There are over 60 countries that lean left, including Australia, Japan, South Africa, Hong Kong, Cyprus, Pakistan and the Maldives.

Topless in Thailand

Drivers (male and female) are prohibited from driving shirtless in Thailand.

1, 2, skip a few

In Manila, Philippines, it’s illegal to drive your car on Mondays if your license plate ends in a number 1 or a number 2. 


We think that it would go without saying, but it’s illegal to drive while blindfolded in Alabama, and it’s illegal to lie down on the road and fall asleep. In the interest of safety, we endorse these laws (and we hope they’re pretty obvious).


Roadtrips can challenge the amount of space that you have in your vehicle.  Regardless how close the quarters are, it is illegal to tether your pet dog (or anyone’s dog) to the roof of your car. 

Spic and span

It’s illegal to drive a dirty car in Russia, Belarus, and Bulgaria! Be ready to tidy your ride.

Arrive alive

While Canadians are very comfortable upholding a sober driving policy, France takes it a step further by requiring all drivers to travel with their own breathalyzer. Failure to produce a breathalyzer kit upon being pulled over is punishable under the law.


If you find yourself being pulled over on the side of the road in New Jersey, keep a smile on your face since it’s illegal to frown at a police officer.

Be in the know and prepare for your travels by reading up on local road rules. If you should find yourself being issued a ticket for these or any other traffic violations while driving abroad, give us a call! We send payments for hundreds of road infractions every year. 

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