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If nothing else, the pandemic has given us the opportunity to cross long-standing items off of our to-do lists. Many of those little projects, that were on a backburner, finally got attention this year, including: garages are tidied, small renos are underway, gardens have never looked better, and we all finally took some time to organize our junk drawer. We know this last point is true in Waterloo because everyone seemed to find a small fortune of leftover currency in their junk drawer!

While we’re thrilled that you think of us when wanting to convert currencies (and we do a fair bit of this type of transaction), we have some unfortunate news:

Currency Converters is not able to buy any outmoded bills and we don’t buy any foreign coin.

There are a number of customers who went on a trip down South a number of years ago and are bringing in Pesos to convert to Canadian Dollars. Unfortunately, you are likely holding onto an older version of the currency that we’re no longer able to buy back.

Because we hate turning our customers away — especially with a junk drawer’s worth of foreign currency — we found a solution that can bring value to the people who need it most.

Introducing: March of Dimes!

We’ve partnered with March of Dimes — a cross-country currency collection program — to collect these ‘worthless treasures’ and use them to assist children and adults living with disabilities.

It’s easy to participate! You can donate your coins and bills in one of the March of Dimes canisters in our lobby. Once they’re full, the canisters are collected and used to help those in need!

How does the program work? 

The March of Dimes partnered with Global Coin Solutions, who have an international network to liquidate coins and bills.

Global Coins, in partnership with many not-for-profit organizations, turn these treasures into real funds.

However, in order to make this work (and be financially worthwhile), the program requires a large volume of coins and bills. This is where you can do your small part in making this program come to life!

If your next project is to tidy your old purse, travel packs, or junk drawers, and you happen to find some pence, yen, or francs, please come and visit! We’ll make sure that the leftover funds from your last trip are put to good use!

Contact us if you have any questions.

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