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Many of our clients have used our services over the years for sourcing currency needed for their upcoming trips. Currency Converters in Waterloo is open for business offering many services, and we have two distinct client groups.

Clients that have only used our currency services are almost always travellers. They might not immediately understand why our business falls under the ‘essential service’ umbrella.

Other clients that use our services to transfer funds internationally, understand why our business remained open to the public over the past four months.

Imagine that you own a company that produces hand sanitizer. This company imports several of the product components, including product packaging, necessary ingredients, and needs to send international wire transfers to pay for IT support for their online store.

If this business can’t pay its invoices, they would no longer be able to manufacture the hand sanitizer that we all depend on.

Alternatively, imagine that you have family in South America and they have been devastated by COVID-19. They are unable to work, and their government has not offered the same support that we have been lucky to receive here in Canada. Your family depends on your financial support to acquire the basic necessities of life – and if we aren’t able to send these funds on your behalf, your family must go without.

We are privileged to have been able to continue to serve clients over the past four months.

Our branch is currently open from 10 am to 4 pm Monday to Saturday.

We are very much looking forward to expanding our hours and our services in the coming months.

We’re essential only because your needs are essential. We’re going to continue to work hard to ensure that your personal and your business needs are met. Please get in touch with us here if there is anything that we can help you with at this time!

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